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Wills & Estates

Wills – Basic Will $85 + HST

When a person passes without leaving behind any written instructions, his or her estate is distributed according to Ontario law. This may not be the best outcome for loved ones as it can lead them into conflict and uncertainty when they don’t know what will happen with their money and property rights after death. The process of creating an enduring legacy becomes even more challenging in today’s world where there are so many distractions around us at all times – never easier than now!

Having a current and detailed Will brings you peace of mind, knowing that your passing won’t be an issue or cause for stress to those who are left behind. Wills should be updated regularly, especially after major life events such as:

A marriage or divorce.
Birth of a child.
Death of a loved one.
Major purchases such as a home.

Benefits of having a Will include:

  1. Proper estate division.
  2. A faster, easier process for your loved one’s settling your affairs.
  3. Ensuring your burial/cremation arrangements are followed.
  4. Minimizing estate taxes.
  5. Peace of mind.
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Power of Attorney – $65 +HST

When a person is granted Power of Attorney, it means they have the right to make decisions on behalf of a loved one. This usually includes handling personal and financial affairs. Power of Attorney must be appointed by the Grantor before losing their decision-making capabilities.

When a Power of Attorney is granted for property, the person can manage the Grantor’s investment, pay their bills, and make decisions about the Grantors residence. If Power of Attorney is granted for personal care, this will include decisions such as clothing, shelter, food, hygiene, etc.

Estates & Trusts

In Windsor, Ontario, you may face a number of different trust disputes such as:
Will interpretation.
Estate items valuation.
Executor’s compensation.
Disagreements between beneficiaries.
Allegations of undue influence.

When there is no clear or valid Will, the estate can be questioned by anyone. Your legal team at the Walk-In Law Firm is experienced in estate and trust disputes. Our estates lawyers in Windsor take the time to understand your specific situation and provide a customized solution.

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