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Real Estate Law

Buying and selling a home is one of the most important financial transactions you’ll make in your lifetime. It can also be stressful, time-consuming…and expensive!

We know how important this decision is, so why not have someone who knows what they’re doing guide you through? An experienced real estate lawyer in Windsor will take care of all those legal tasks for you while making sure that any other worries or concerns don’t distract you from getting moved into this new place!

You deserve to have your best interests protected by a knowledgeable and caring estate planning professional. To ensure that your interests are well protected, we do the following:

Looking over your contract, ensuring there are no surprises.
Determining if a property has illegal additions or renovations.
Negotiating on your behalf if the contract is unsatisfactory.
Helping you determine if title insurance is necessary.
Advising on the applicability of HST legislation
Assisting with closing documentation such as the statement of adjustments.

Real Estate Lawyers in Windsor, Ontario are here to help you with all your real estate needs. We have years of experience with real estate in Windsor Essex and the Niagara Region. We work to ensure you’re informed and understand every decision made along the way, so you can begin life in your new home, worry-free.

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Buying a home?

Once you’ve accepted an offer on a property, your real estate agent will give you the “Agreement of Purchase and Sale”. This document specifies how much it costs for everything including materials as well as when payment must be made. You also receive the title ‘free And Clear’! This is usually where your lawyer will step in. When buying a home, an experienced real estate lawyer from the Walk-In Law Firm will help with:

Searching the title of the property to confirm the current, registered owners as well as the legal description.
Investigating any claims registered against the property such as builder’s liens, easements, leases, judgments, etc.
Reviewing the survey certificate.
Ensuring property taxes are paid up until the closing date.
Confirming that zoning by-laws have been obeyed and compliance with warranties, restrictions, conditions, and agreements.

Selling a home?

It is important to find a dependable legal team early in the process because once you have an accepted offer on your home, your real estate agent will have you sign the “Agreement of Purchase and Sale”. Legal counsel is especially helpful during this.

We at the Walk-In Law Firm will arrange all of your closing documents so that you can focus on finding a new home and packing up. Once it’s done, we’ll send over an easy-to-read report with details about how everything went down! This is a helpful document that is also a record of your transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a complex and often more difficult endeavour than residential property. Some examples of this would be office or apartment rentals, warehouses (for storage), hotels, etc.; all vary in their own ways from one another so it’s important not only to know what type you want but also understanding how these properties differ before setting out on your search! Some obstacles include:

Tenants and their leases.
Service contracts.
Employee Contracts.
Fulfilling client agreements.

When a commercial property is purchased, it becomes vital to the organization, affecting its financial stability. Due diligence is necessary at every step:

  1. Drafting and negotiating the agreement of sale.
  2. Detailed title searches including by-laws, easements, site plan control agreements, zoning, and more.
  3. Confirming applicable HST and land transfer taxes.
  4. Reviewing existing leases and tenancy agreements along with employee and service contracts.
  5. Evaluating the bill of sale and statement of adjustments. The land survey is also analyzed (if applicable).

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